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TN62: Breaking news! Updates on Tandem Nomads

portable business, entrepreneurship, starting a business, startup,

Tandem Nomads is going through major events. Amel Derragui, the host, tells you about some important changes with the show, some milestones and learned lessons on the past year that you will need to know yourself if you want to start a portable business.


TN60: What you need to start and grow your own portable business – Best of Series

portable business expat partner, entrepreneurship, expat partner, portable business

Find out how to start and grow your own portable business as an expat partner. You will find some great advice on the research, resilience, network and tools your have to develop to become a successful entrepreneur while moving from a country to another.


TN59: Career tips for expat partners – Best of Series

Portable career, career tips for expat partners, marilyn Gardner, Stephanie Ward, Anna Sparks, Asetila Koestinger, Skills, how to write a resume, how to sell my skills, how to network, how to answer the question what do you do.

In these short extracts, find practical and powerful tips to build your portable career as an expat spouse. Discover how to grow your career and adapt your skills, how to write the perfect resume and be a networking champion!