(Replay) TN41: Building your own life and career plan on the move – Kirsten de Greling-Visman

build a career plan tandem nomads podcast kirsten visman

Kirsten Visman shares her journey abroad as an expat spouse, her first career mistakes, what she learned from them, how she then put a plan in place to build her portable business and make the best of this experience.


(Replay) TN21: Practicing mindfulness on the move – Jodi Harris

practicing mindfulness podcast tandem nomads jodi harris

Jodi Harris shares how she put mindfulness into practice while living on the move and how it helped her go through the challenges of expatriation and build her portable business.


TN87: How to deal with the fear of failing when starting a business – Lillian Small

fear of failing podcast discussion Tandem Nomads

A member of Tandem Nomads team, Lillian Small, tells us about her career reinvention from engineer to expat spouse to digital marketer while still on the journey. We discuss how to deal with the fear of failure when starting a portable business.


TN86: How to avoid intercultural misunderstandings – Sundae Schneider-Bean

avoid intercultural misunderstanding

Make the best of your exposure to various cultures and perspectives across the world! With Sundae Bean, we will discuss how to reach your goals and expectations with your portable business when confronted with different ways of living and doing business.


TN85: Tandem Nomads Turns 2! What I’ve Learned from the Highs and Lows – Amel Derragui

tn85 lessons learned 2 year anniversary

Tandem Nomads celebrates its 2nd anniversary! I’m taking the opportunity to reflect on the highlights and the challenges of these two years and share the learned lessons that could be useful to your business.