TN78: How to build a powerful community and lead it to the next level – Naomi Hattaway

Build Powerful Community Naomi Hattaway

Building a strong community can be a powerful way to grow your business and support the cause you believe in. Naomi Hattaway, founder of the I Am A Triangle community shares how she managed to create, grow and monetize the platform a meaningful way.


(Replay) TN34: How to answer the question “What do you do?”- Stephanie Ward

Tandem Nomads Interview with Stephanie Ward

Do you get stuck when asked: What do you do? Stephanie Ward, is a business and marketing mentor at Firefly Coaching. Listen here as she shares some tips on how to answer the one question every expat spouse gets asked.


TN77: Turn your purpose into a portable non-profit & career – Claudia Landini

Tandem Nomads Claudia Landini founder of portable non-profit Expatclic

Turn your purpose into a non-profit that serves your community while moving from one country to another and growing your portable career. Claudia Landini shares how and why she created the Expatclic support group in 2004.


TN76: Managing a business and maternity – Dana Bachar Grossman

Managing business and motherhood

It is not easy managing a business while having children! Dana Bachar, founder of the mediation company MeD8 shares with us how she managed to build and grow her business while being pregnant and taking care of her 4 young children.


TN75: How to legally set up your portable business – Rosiane Houngbo-Monteverde

TN75 Legal aspects of starting a portable business abroad

Learn about where to register your portable business and what questions you MUST ask yourself to protect your business and life abroad. Rosiane Houngbo-Monteverde, a lawyer and founder of Legal Nomads, also an expat spouse, shares with you her precious advice.