TN98: Time to think & make an unusual decision

tn98 time to think episode tandem nomads

This is probably the most difficult podcast episode I’ve ever recorded.  I have a difficult announcement to make but not without some key takeaways.  Listen in to understand why I’m taking time to think and reflect on the podcast and my business. 


TN97: How to find your niche & become the go-to-expert – Marielle Evertsz

tn97 find your niche Marielle

If you try to resonate with everyone, you will resonate with no one! Many entrepreneurs are afraid to focus on a niche that seems too small or struggle to define a specific niche. Marielle Evertsz shares with you how she found a unique niche and as a result, grew her life coaching business.


TN96: What to know about GDPR and how it affects your portable business

tn96 gdpr and portable business tandem nomads

The internet is buzzing about the GDPR law & privacy protection.  Whether you’ve started a business or just thinking about it, this is something you need to know about.  And I’ve brought in an expert, Manja Costermans, to explain in plain language how GDPR affects your portable business and what actions you need to take to follow this law.  


TN95: How to create free content that will grow your portable business

How to create free content that will grow your portable business tandem Nomads podcast

There is no portable business without consistent free content! Free content is all about giving value before you even start selling your products or services. Listen to learn how you can create consistent valuable free content that will allow you to grow your portable business. And if you don’t have a business yet, this episode will make sure you get a good start on sharing your expertise with your prospective audience even before you launch.


TN94: How to Find the Right Business Idea for You

find right business idea for you

Do you want to create something for yourself but you don’t know what? Do you have a business idea or two but aren’t sure if they’re the right ones for you or where to start? In this episode, I share the steps you need to start with when looking for a business idea that fits your dreams, your needs and your lifestyle.