TN90: What is a portable business and how to make it scalable

what is a portable business tandem nomads 90

Is a portable business an online business? Can a portable business be scalable? Discover here all the legal and technical aspects that make a business portable. We will also discuss what makes a business scalable and if it applies to portable businesses.


TN89: The Shell Ladies Project, how to start small and leave a global legacy!

shell ladies project Tandem Nomads 89

An inspiring story that shows the magic of starting small and dreaming big! Discover how the “Shell Ladies Project” gave birth to the Expat Archive Center, a unique legacy for researchers and future generations to come.


TN88: Stay on top of your game! 3 pillars to be inspired in your life & business

be inspired in business life tandem nomads ep88

Discover the 3 pillars to be inspired in your business and life and an action plan to implement them even when you feel overwhelmed. Learn the routines and habits to follow to build the right mindset and the ways to implement these habits in your daily life. Get my freebie with extra resources and inspiration to remain intellectually stimulated, creative and up-to-date in your business.


(Replay) TN41: Building your own life and career plan on the move – Kirsten de Greling-Visman

build a career plan tandem nomads podcast kirsten visman

Kirsten Visman shares her journey abroad as an expat spouse, her first career mistakes, what she learned from them, how she then put a plan in place to build her portable business and make the best of this experience.


(Replay) TN21: Practicing mindfulness on the move – Jodi Harris

practicing mindfulness podcast tandem nomads jodi harris

Jodi Harris shares how she put mindfulness into practice while living on the move and how it helped her go through the challenges of expatriation and build her portable business.