TN76: Managing a business and maternity – Dana Bachar Grossman

Managing business and motherhood

It is not easy managing a business while having children! Dana Bachar, founder of the mediation company MeD8 shares with us how she managed to build and grow her business while being pregnant and taking care of her 4 young children.


TN75: How to legally set up your portable business – Rosiane Houngbo-Monteverde

TN75 Legal aspects of starting a portable business abroad

Learn about where to register your portable business and what questions you MUST ask yourself to protect your business and life abroad. Rosiane Houngbo-Monteverde, a lawyer and founder of Legal Nomads, also an expat spouse, shares with you her precious advice.


TN74: 6 rules to grow your portable business – Amel Derragui

A special episode for all expat spouses who want to reinvent their career and launch a successful business on the move. Amel Derragui shares with you the 6 rules you need to know in order to grow a portable business and become a great entrepreneur.


TN73: How to be in control of your life and career as an expat spouse – Amel Derragui

Tandem Nomads Episode 73 Expat Spouse Trailing Wife Career and Life advice

A special episode recorded on a plane traveling to Asia for Tandem Nomads conference. Amel shares with you a great summary of what she presented in this conference on what to know to be in control of your life and career as an expat spouse.


TN72: How to start a successful business from scratch – Marcelle Yeager

Tandem Nomads ep 72 Start a successful business Marcelle Yeager

Marcelle Yeager founded two companies (Career Valet and Servingtalent) as an expat spouse. She shares her tips on how to start a successful business, find new clients and grow while moving from country to country.