TN82: How to blog, grow an audience and be paid for your writing – Mariam Ottimofiore

TN82 Grow an Audience Mariam Ottimofiore

Blogging is one of the most powerful tools to build an audience, create visibility and grow a business. Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore, founder of “And then we moved to”, shares how she managed to gain great exposure and build a business with her blog.


TN81: How to build a product and turn it into a company – Ebere Akadiri

TN81 How to build a product with Ebere Akadiri

Learn how to build a product or service and turn it into a successful company and a portable business! Ebere Akadiri, founder of Akaro Foods, shares her journey and secrets that led her to grow her West-African spices company globally.


TN80: How to raise funds for your charity or NGO – Derry Deringer

Derry Deringer Tandem Nomads 80 Interview Raise funds for NGO

As seen in past episodes (#77 and #79), running a charity or NGO can be a great way to complement or build a portable career. In this episode, you will hear great advice to get what nonprofits need most, money! Check out Derry Deringer’s valuable insights and tips in this interview.


TN79: How to grow a portable consulting business – Sonia Balcazar de Meza-Cuadra

Portable Consulting Business Sonia Balcazar de Meza-Cuadra

Discover how to start and grow a consulting business while being a diplomatic spouse and supporting various NGOs and initiatives. Sonia tells you how she does it all while contributing to the family’s income and enjoying every moment of her life.


(Replay) TN37: From expat spouse to startup success – Andrea Martins

Andrea Martins start-up success

Discover the fascinating story and advice of Andrea Martins, who started her entrepreneurial journey as an expat partner and since founded 3 startups, including the platform Expat Women that she sold for 6 figures and Green Socks that she runs today.