TN93: 5 Lies You’re Telling Yourself About Making Money – Sundae Schneider-Bean

tn93 lies about making money sundae bean amel derragui

“I am not sure I can charge for this”, “Who would pay for my services?” Are you asking yourself these questions? Come uncover the 5 lies that you might be telling yourself and are preventing you from thriving, making money, making an impact and growing your business.


TN92: 3 Reasons Why Starting a Business is THE Solution for Expat Partners

Whether you are still looking for your source of fulfillment, considering a business idea or already have a business you need these reality checks that will help you realize why embracing entrepreneurship is not only an opportunity but also a necessity!


TN91: How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a magnet of opportunities

tandem nomads podcast 91 petra fisher linkedin tips

Don’t underestimate the power of Linkedin for your career and business! Petra Fisher shares with you how to effectively build your profile, grow your network and create relationships that lead to great opportunities.


TN90: What is a portable business and how to make it scalable

what is a portable business tandem nomads 90

Is a portable business an online business? Can a portable business be scalable? Discover here all the legal and technical aspects that make a business portable. We will also discuss what makes a business scalable and if it applies to portable businesses.


TN89: The Shell Ladies Project, how to start small and leave a global legacy!

shell ladies project Tandem Nomads 89

An inspiring story that shows the magic of starting small and dreaming big! Discover how the “Shell Ladies Project” gave birth to the Expat Archive Center, a unique legacy for researchers and future generations to come.