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TN 41: Kirsten de Greling – Visman, expat partner in Zambia.

Kirsten is Dutch Canadian, lived across the world as a child and as an expat spouse. She shares with you her fascinating experience from Albania to cross Africa and how she built her coaching business. She also brings some great insights on how to build a plan to create the life and career you want.


TN50: 50th Episode Voice Party!

podcast, empowering expat partners, tandem nomads, expat partners, trailing spouses, portable career, expat spouses.

Tandem Nomads is celebrating its 50th episode! Many thanks to the listeners and interviewed guests who came together for this Voice Party. They share with you their insights, their story and what they’ve learned from the first season of Tandem Nomads podcast episodes. I will also share with you briefly what I have learned from this podcasting experience and my goals for the second season.