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TN106: Preserve your health and the energy you need in your business with easy Ayurvedic recipes – Rashmi Zimburg

health energy business Ayurvedic recipes

Nutrition and health are often the first things that suffer when running a busy life and growing a business. Rashmi Zimburg, health coach & expert in Ayurveda food, shares with you inspiration and recipes to create simple and healthy food habits.


TN31: Rashmi A. Zimburg, expat partner in Tokyo, Japan.

Rashmi comes from India, lived in the US, Algeria, Austria, Indonesia and today she lives in Japan. She shares with you how she quit her successful career in business management and learned to reinvent herself in every posting, pay attention to her own needs while taking care of her family through constant change.


TN128: 3 self-care episodes to not miss to grow your business mindfully


You will not be able to grow a truly sustainable business if you do not put self-care and your health at the center of your priorities and the way you run your daily routines. Here is a short selection of previous episodes on this topic.


TN57: Identity Week – Best of Series

trailing spouse, identity trailing spouse, career trailing spouse, living abroad, expats, expat couple, expat mom.

In these extracts you will find some powerful insights and useful advice to build a strong identity and self-confidence when moving from a country to another as a trailing spouse, especially when trying to pursue a career while taking care of the family.


TN73: How to be in control of your life and career as an expat spouse – Amel Derragui

Tandem Nomads Episode 73 Expat Spouse Trailing Wife Career and Life advice

A special episode recorded on a plane traveling to Asia for Tandem Nomads conference. Amel shares with you a great summary of what she presented in this conference on what to know to be in control of your life and career as an expat spouse.