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TN103: Demystifying marketing with 4 simple questions to attract clients

In this episode, you will learn how to build an effective marketing strategy without getting overwhelmed thanks to 4 simple questions you need to answer.


TN102: Deep dive into the real-life journey of a successful business launch with Renata Andrade

successful business launch tandem Nomads podcast TN102

Renata Andrade shares with you step by step how she launched her business from scratch and started generating revenue in one year. She will share how she implement the 3C™ system, what has worked for her but also what has been the most difficult challenge she had to learn to deal with.


TN101: 3 mistakes to avoid when planning a business abroad

TN101 3 mistakes planning business

In this episode, I will tell you about the risky mistakes I often see expat partners and global nomads make when they consider starting their business abroad. I will also share with you my 60/40 rule that will help you avoid these critical mistakes and grow a successful portable business.


TN100: Voices & learning lessons from around the world!

In this special episode, I am celebrating the listeners of the podcast show and members of the Tandem Nomads community. It is such an inspiring group of people who share with you the highlights of their own journey on the move and their learning lessons.


TN99: Behind the scenes of a relaunch strategy and business assessment

In this episode, you will discover the 3C™ business assessment method to take your business to the next level. You will be taken behind the scenes of Tandem Nomads new season strategy as a real life case study to understand how it works.