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The Business Idea Accelerator™ is the only A to Z program of its kind that will teach you how to go from “no idea what to do” to finding your own source of fulfillment and revenue. 

Is this you? 

  • You are ready for change, you want to create your own thing but don't know what. 
  • You want to create a business that is portable and that provides you the flexibility you need in your globally mobile life. 
  • You want to start a business, but you are not sure are cut out for it.  
  • You lost confidence and clarity in your competences, you are looking for purpose and are tired of having to reinvent yourself.
  • You have some business (or non-profit) ideas but you are not sure what to do next. 
  • You have a business but you don’t feel aligned with it anymore, or not making any revenue yet.  

By the end of this program, you will know:

  • How to set yourself up for success and know what to expect from the entrepreneurial journey
  • How to make the time and build the support system to realize your own dreams
  • How to identify what you really want for yourself and understand how it can be aligned to a business
  • How to find your special zone of genius and define the problem you solve
  • How to know who you want to serve and care about
  • How to describe the value proposition of your business idea in an effective way
  • How to define a viable business model  
  • How to run an effective market research without getting overwhelmed and make sure to discover the information you need to successfully launch
  • How to simplify what to do and get comfortable with selling and marketing your business idea
  • How to confirm if this is a viable business idea and to have a proof of concept 

"Thanks to the Business Idea Accelerator I went from zero to hero! When I joined the BIA, I had completely lost my identity, I didn't know what my interests were, I didn't know what my passions were, but I knew that I needed something different in my life. By the end of BIA, I had a business concept and a prototype that I tested. And here I am today, I launched my business, I am making an impact for my clients and I keep working on growing my business while living on the move! I am utterly grateful to Amel and Sundae.” Emily Rogers

"Completing the BIA course with Amel and Sundae last summer was the best thing I ever did to transform my hobbies and skills into a workable business idea. Each of the 10 modules was jam packed with information and exercises to ease us into the mindset and action required to create a portable business from the ground up. The assignments made me dig deep into what I wanted, what I was good at and how that could be transformed into a portable business, and most importantly, how to prioritize that in my daily life. They provided a solid foundation from which to work, and a year into my fledgling online business, I find myself referring back to my BIA course notes whenever I find myself stuck. Both Amel and Sundae are extremely competent in their fields and it was such a privilege to participate in the first Business Idea Accelerator.” Melanie Freeborn  

Before I joined the Business Idea Accelerator, I didn’t have a clear strategy for my business. At the end of the program, I knew what to do, how to do it, where to find my clients, who are my ideal clients, how I can make it profitable and most importantly, how to make it a portable business! I’m very happy with the results I got and highly recommend you join the BIA!” Patricia Pazos Durán 

"Before joining the BIA, I was craving to continue my career. However, as an expat partner and a mom with three young kids, I realized that it was not going to be easy to find a career that fits my needs and lifestyle. Thanks to BIA, I came up with an idea for a portable business and it changed my life! I now enjoy further developing this idea, being challenged in the many different aspects of starting up a business and having flexibility with where and when I work. Moreover, I feel I now have a good balance between work and my family/expat partner role. I would without a doubt highly recommend” Kathleen Dekoser  

"Having had the same job as a clinical psychologist for several years, I felt a change was needed. Through the BIA program I could put my thoughts and feelings into words and structure them. This allowed me to acknowledge the fact that my previous very ‘mental' job didn’t suit me anymore and that I wanted to work with my hands. I wanted to create, I wanted to sew clothes, kids clothes more precisely. That is how I came up with my business idea "Les Gainsbourgeois", a kid friendly and parent approved clothing brand! This decision came with concerns, fears and self-judgement. Thanks to the BIA, I also learned to gain confidence and commit to my idea with small baby steps. Having someone encouraging you towards this new direction is worth gold, I would have given up the idea if I was doing this on my own. I encourage all expat partners, even if you have a busy life with kids, to participate to the BIA program! If you find your own source of fulfillment and happiness, your family will be happy too!” Camille De Paepe

"I had spent 24 years as a benefits consultant working long hours in a highly competitive field. Thinking outside the box to find my passion and exporting that to a new self-employed venture for me was hard to imagine. BIA provided me tools to discover myself and how to bring my passions to reality. I first came up with several business ideas and then thanks to the lessons and assignments, I learned how to decide which one would "fly" and which one I wanted to commit to. I also loved being part of the BIA group with other participants who support each other. It was comforting to know that I was not the only one going through the same doubts and insecurities. I learned that success is not a straight line forward and how to adapt my initial idea if things don't go as planned. The BIA instructors are fantastic mentors, they will provide you with great guidance to find your passion, create a business plan and build a viable business that is aligned with who you are and your unique style.” Cecilia Morales

"Before the BIA I was a bit lost because I just finished my studies of psychology and I arrived in a posting where I couldn't find easily a nice job in my field. I was secretly dreaming of business but thought I needed more experience to be able to start one. The BIA helped me understand that building a portable business was probably the smartest choice to avoid future situations like the one I was in and that would gain experience while starting my own business too. The BIA made me understand that the expertise and the business idea that I had could happen now instead of waiting years from now. The BIA motivated me to go through all the difficulties of setting the financial structure of my business. Even if everything is not perfect yet, I am able to work abroad and to develop a movable customer base. I feel more and more confident in my business idea thanks to the BIA!” Marie-Julie Dieltjens

I love the energy and passion of Amel and Sundae! Their approach is both hands-on and caring, patiently and gently pushing you along to make you reach your objectives.The BIA courses gave me tools and techniques that I know I will use again and again in the future, both in my professional and personal life. I am so glad I took the leap to register for the BIA, although I admit I was very scared to do so at the time! I would recommend it to anyone who needs support to create their own business, or even just to consider if it is a good possibility.” Maud Hollaender  

"When I joined the BIA, I was at the point where I was so lost and trapped: in a country with no perspectives, a small child, few social contacts. Now I am more focused on self development, there were always some things I wanted to do, but never made time for it.Thanks to the BIA, I made that time. Throughout the program I gained valuable knowledge and insights: I know what to do, what steps to take, how to take control. Thus, for me the BIA was very useful. I do not own a business yet, but it helped me to strengthen my self-esteem and reminded that there is always a different angle you can look from.” Lina Gedeikyte  

"I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do, but thanks to the Business Idea Accelerator, I could get some guidance to structure my idea, focus on a niche and stay on track. BIA is also a great course to get clarity and discover where your passions meet your skill sets.” Verena Heingaertner  

Before I joined BIA, I had a vague idea for a business but had no idea how to take it any further. Taking part in BIA allowed me to flesh out my idea, have a clear understanding of the sequence of steps needed to make it a reality, and have accountability along the way. It was also really inspiring and encouraging to connect with other women around the world. Amel and Sundae gave us the best of both worlds and most importantly demonstrated that they genuinely care about the success of everyone in the group. ” Melissa Tiessen  

"I I always felt the need to have something that was mine. I sometimes worked as a freelancer on the side of my "regular" job, but I was pretty convinced that it was not compatible with my expat life. When I heard what the Business Idea Accelerator was about, I decided to give it a try and see if I can find some clarity. Thanks to the BIA, I now know a lot more about how to start a business. I have a valuable business idea that I now keep exploring, I think this might be it!” Sara Bearzatto  

"Before I joined the BIA, I was looking for a job and was thinking about starting a business. Now I am working as a travel counselor (not my dream job yet) but I am still thinking about starting my own thing and know that I can go back to my BIA lessons. It is a very good course as it will give you the roadmap of how to transform an idea into a real business.” Koen Aerts

"I joined the BIA because I needed to get more clarity on my focus and direction. I already had my business, but over the years I had been doing too many diverse things. The BIA program helped me refocus. It was very helpful. I recommend this program to help individuals find their purpose, identify their business plan and then put it into action.” Pari Namazie

"Before I did the BIA program, I was considering various ways of expanding my current business. Now, after doing this program, I feel like I know what I will do and how I will do it. The big difference is that I have narrowed down my ideas and have started working on one of them instead of just dreaming about it. I would highly recommend the BIA program to anyone who wishes to figure out where their passion meets their skills.” Lucy James

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