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Entrepreneurship is all about the mindset!

Whether you decide to start a business or a non-profit, you are an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is a long journey. No matter how many strategies and techniques you will learn, the one thing that will lead you to achieve your dreams and your goals in life is your mindset and the way you approach obstacles. That is what entrepreneurship is all about! 

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Podcast Reviews

  • Career Transition Support Excellent
    by Natasha Winnard from United Kingdom

    I recently transitioned from working in international schools for over 20 years around the world. Setting up an online, portable educational consultancy business to support mobile students and their families, with a youth empowerment social justice element, was a completely new professional experience for me. Tandem Nomads episodes have, and continue to, provide excellent insight and learning for me navigating a new professional world. And after each episode, I am more empowered and think “I can do this!”. Thank you. A great resource to support and guide anyone wanting to grow a successful portable business and thrive in your expat life.

  • Dealing with the negative emotions
    by Fr OL from Canada

    Gabriela Encina is both inspirational and empowering! I got from this podcast to welcome all of our emotions, the pleasant as well as the unpleasant ones without any discrimination--each being a dear friends sending us messages we should listen and interpret. Amel is doing an excellent job interviewing. Thanks to both of you.

  • Valuable content
    by Nordwallm from United States

    Each episode has valuable advice and a takeaway. These episodes have helped me so much. More importantly, I have found my tribe. My family moves often and I find comfort in identifying with other peoples stories and success. Melanie

  • An excellent podcast to get started and keep going
    by batyrn from United States

    Amel is an inspiring presence and a smart business person. This is coming from someone who already has an MBA from an elite business school. Her insights are simple yet powerful. She promotes action by way of consistency and positive reinforcement. More importantly, Amel advocates authenticity as a core business value. Her podcast is on the shortlist of those I am subscribed to and listen regularly.

  • Inspiring!
    by vagaluma from Italy

    A very inspiring podcast about being expat and how to make the most of your time abroad when you are an expat accompanying partner. Thank you Amel Derragui for the constant Inspiration