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TN217: Own your space

Own your space

What has a cat to do with being a successful solo-entrepreneur working from home and particularly a business women? Here are the key mindset shifts to make yourself a priority, own your space and be taken seriously in your household, no matter how much revenue you make. “Taking your business seriously starts with owning your…


TN216: From big vision to reality – With Vivian Chiona

In 2013, psychologist Vivian Chiona had a very clear vision of providing psychology services ‘without borders’. Today Expat Nest is a global mental health platform, providing expats with support in six languages, working with 20 therapists.  “I invest in professional advice and follow my intuition to make important business decisions.” In this week’s episode, Vivian…


TN213: How to get your clients see you as the go-to expert

TN213 How to get your clients see you as the go to expert

Becoming the go-to expert for your industry does not happen overnight. It takes time and energy to get your customers to know you, like you and trust you. But if you do it strategically, you will start to see results and revenue more quickly.  “Branding is not about the colors of your logo and your…