TN114: Keeping up with your business in situations of personal crisis – with Allison Hamilton-Rohe

Life can be messy and really hectic! Allison shares how she adapted her portable business in personal styling to fit to her needs and be able to take care of her family who needed her during a critical time of their lives.


TN113: 10 ways to get things done and improve your productivity

You really want to achieve your goals and grow your business, but never seem to have enough time to make things happen? Here are the 10 simple strategies and tools you can implement to get things done and gain productivity.


TN112: Are you making conscious choices in your expat life? – With Katia Vlachos

If you are an expat spouse, you might feel that you do not have any other choice than to give up your career or live in countries where you are not happy. Katia shares her insights to help you evaluate your choices and the three types of choices to consider on the move.


TN111: How to keep attention and attract clients when you explain what you do

attract clients

Do you struggle to describe your business in a way that it makes people want to know more and buy (or refer) your service or product? In this episode, you will learn the step by step process and use easy templates to keep attention and attract clients.


TN110: How to use mindfulness when life is too overwhelming – with Jodi Harris

mindfulness meditation Tandem Nomads podcast TN110

When things get too busy or hectic, it can be so easy to get overwhelmed.
Jodi Harris shares with you some simple ways to relief the stress and find some serenity in the mix of it.