TN134: How starting my business made me a better mom – With Emily Rogers

How starting my business made me a better mom

If you wonder what it takes to start your own portable business, or if you doubt if you can do it, this episode is for you! Emily will share with you how she found her business idea and launched it in just one year. She also tells you how this experience changed her as a person and as a mom.


TN133: Stop trying to reinvent yourself, do this instead!

Finding a job and reinventing yourself every time you move to a new country can be so daunting! It is time to change how we frame the discussion around expat spouses dual career challenges. You will discover here the simple question to answer instead.


TN132: Keeping up with your goals while living on the move – With Mariam Ottimofiore

Keeping up with your goals while living on the move

Achieving goals can be hard enough, but it can get even more challenging during a messy transition. Mariam Ottimofiore shares how she managed to stay on track to finish and publish her book while moving from a country to another with her family.


TN131: Where are you headed?

expat partners

We have come a long way since we started Tandem Nomads and we keep evolving every single season. This is how you can get what you truly need to know to grow a successful portable business! Go to


TN130: What can expat spouses learn from digital nomads – With Katharina von Knobloch

Digital Nomad

What are the differences between being a digital nomad and running a portable business, especially as an expat spouse? You will discover some interesting differences but also learn important lessons from digital nomads to expat spouses who want to build a portable career.