TN131: Where are you headed?

expat partners

We have come a long way since we started Tandem Nomads and we keep evolving every single season. This is how you can get what you truly need to know to grow a successful portable business! Go to


TN130: What can expat spouses learn from digital nomads – With Katharina von Knobloch

Digital Nomad

What are the differences between being a digital nomad and running a portable business, especially as an expat spouse? You will discover some interesting differences but also learn important lessons from digital nomads to expat spouses who want to build a portable career.


TN129: 3 top episodes to focus on the right things in your business

3 top episodes to focus on the right things in your business

Are you focusing on the wrong things in your business? Here are the top 3 most popular marketing and business tips that will help you focus your energy and attention on the right things in order to grow your portable business effectively.


TN128: 3 self-care episodes to not miss to grow your business mindfully


You will not be able to grow a truly sustainable business if you do not put self-care and your health at the center of your priorities and the way you run your daily routines. Here is a short selection of previous episodes on this topic.


TN127: Highly needed skills that expat partners should consider as business ideas!

business ideas

There are skills that are nowadays in high demand. If you are not afraid of stretching your comfort zone or adventuring into tech areas, this is your opportunity! If you already have a business, this will help you know what tasks you should find experts to grow.