TN 143: 4th anniversary, celebrating the good and the ugly!


Things did not go as planned and there were some really tough times, but here is what I’ve learned from the past year, how it can help you in your own business and what we can celebrate together with Tandem Nomads 4th anniversary.


TN142: Turning loneliness into an opportunity to make an impact – With Phil McAuliffe


It is very rare that expat couples can alternate who gets to be posted for an assignment abroad. Phil share how he and his wife managed to do so but also how used his time “off” to start his business and turn the loneliness he experienced as a diplomate to make an impact.


TN 141: Focus on these 2 things instead of getting stuck with marketing

Focus on these 2 things instead of getting stuck with marketing

It can be so easy to get overwhelmed or caught into all sorts of marketing strategies to grow a business. Nothing will work if you do not pay attention to these 2 rules.


TN140: How to turn a counseling practice into a successful portable business – With Dr. Sonia Jaeger

portable business

Counseling practices are subject to a lot of regulations and barriers that often discourage counselors, such as psychologists, to explore the possibility to run a portable and online practice while living on the move. Dr. Sonia Jaeger debunks all the myths around this topic and shows how she turned her online practice into a successful portable business.


TN 139: The one thing than men do better than women

women empowerment

There is unfortunately still a lot of work to do to improve women’s opportunities in our society. However, here is one thing that I think women can do better to create the support system they need to succeed in their careers…