TN110: How to use mindfulness when life is too overwhelming – with Jodi Harris

mindfulness meditation Tandem Nomads podcast TN110

When things get too busy or hectic, it can be so easy to get overwhelmed.
Jodi Harris shares with you some simple ways to relief the stress and find some serenity in the mix of it.


TN109: Is your business aligned with what you really want to achieve?

Expats often fail in business because their goals are not aligned with their lifestyle and what they really want to achieve. Learn about the 3 types of businesses to consider and the questions you need to answer in order align your business with your needs and your lifestyle.


TN108: From identity loss to a thriving portable business in sustainable energy – With Michael Ginsberg

It can be challenging to build a career on the move as the accompanying spouse. Michael Ginsberg shares his inspiring journey of how he went from a deep loss of identity to reinventing himself and growing a successful portable business in renewable energy


TN107: The magic formula to sell anything without being pushy

Do you worry about being too pushy when trying to convince someone to work with you? Or do you simply feel stuck wondering how to present your offer to sell to potential clients? Use this simple formula each time you need to sell or convince without being pushy!


TN106: Preserve your health and the energy you need in your business with easy Ayurvedic recipes – Rashmi Zimburg

health energy business Ayurvedic recipes

Nutrition and health are often the first things that suffer when running a busy life and growing a business. Rashmi Zimburg, health coach & expert in Ayurveda food, shares with you inspiration and recipes to create simple and healthy food habits.