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Using your voice to speak up

This episode is recorded shortly after the murder of George Floyd, by Derek Chauvin, a white police officer. I felt deeply troubled to my core and had to ask myself how I wanted to show up. I realize that while I do not have all the answers, I can still use my voice to speak…


TN169: I wish I knew about this in the early stages of my business

If you are starting your business, or trying to grow it, there are some things that can really hold you back.  And if you don’t address them, they can stop your business from ever succeeding. This week I am taking you behind the scenes at Tandem Nomads and sharing how some of these things nearly…


TN167: Create a recession-proof business – Part 3: Super Serve

In challenging times, showing up for your clients is even more critical than usual. It is not the time to go ‘missing in action’. Even if you cannot do business with them, your relationship with them is still crucial to your business. In fact, when times are tough, you need to really step up how…