TN126: Top 3 guest episodes in first part of 2019!

Here are the top 3 guest episodes of the first part of 2019! Interestingly, they are all related to the journey of reinvention and building a strong identity while living on the move and creating your own source of growth and happiness!


TN125: Stop dreading clients rejections & email un-subscriptions. Focus on this instead!

Clients rejections

Do you find yourself often worrying or being really upset about a client’s rejection or at people unsubscribing from your mailing list? This needs to stop. This is why and how you can turn it around.


TN124: Expat partners are not taken seriously – This is how it can change – Alix Carnot

expat partners

Expat spouses and their dual career challenges are not taken seriously by companies and regulators; this has to change. With Alix Carnot we discuss why it is the case and how you can contribute to change that!


TN123: What door-to-door sales taught me about entrepreneurship

door-to-door sales

What do door-to-door sales have to do with succeeding in life and business? I will share with you the 5 lessons I learned from my experience selling encyclopedias door-to-door that have been instrumental in growing my portable business!


TN122: How to embrace tech in your startup when you’re not tech savvy – With Nicole Blyth

If you have a great business idea that requires coding and you are not a tech savvy, this episode will help you understand the key steps and tools that can help you test and launch your startup.