TN118: How to sell more books and grow your audience! – With Lisa Ferland

Book publishing

As much as technology has made book publishing accessible to everyone, making revenue out of book sales can be quite challenging. In this episode, you will learn about the key strategies to implement before, during, and after your book launch.


TN117: How to avoid isolation and find accountability peers


Working remotely with a portable business and living on the move can be very isolating. Tune in to learn how to surround yourself with the right peers, find accountability or run a mastermind to thrive in your entrepreneurial journey.


TN116: Who do you become during life, family and career transitions on the move? – with Jerry Jones

How can you build stability in your family life and business when everything around you is constantly changing? Jerry Jones, transition expert, shares with you his wonderful insights to adapt and make the best of the challenges and opportunities of expat life.


TN115: 3 crucial goals your website has to achieve

effective website

Whether you already have a website or are about to build one, this episode will take you through the essentials and templates you need to make your website turn visitors into customers, especially if you want to grow a successful portable business!


TN114: Keeping up with your business in situations of personal crisis – with Allison Hamilton-Rohe

Life can be messy and really hectic! Allison shares how she adapted her portable business in personal styling to fit to her needs and be able to take care of her family who needed her during a critical time of their lives.