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TN210: Putting yourself out there and getting visibility for bigger impact – With Dr Anisha Abraham

Putting yourself out there and getting visibility for bigger impact

It takes months, even years of work to write a book or create a project that you think could make a real difference to people’s lives. But once you’ve finished creating, you still need to invest time and energy in making sure those people know about your book or project! If you don’t put yourself out there to create visibility and share your project with the world, you won’t be able to turn your passion and commitment into impact!

“The work on your marketing need to start before you launch your book.”

In this week’s episode, pediatrician and teen health specialist, Dr Anisha Abraham shares what motivated her to write a book for parents of global teens and the lessons she learned from the journey from writing to being featured in more by than 50 media outlets around the world.

Dr Anisha Abraham, is a pediatrician and Teen Health with 25 years of global experience. She is currently based in Washington DC and is on faculty at the Children’s National Hospital and Georgetown University Hospital in Washington. Anisha grew up in the United States as the daughter of South Asian immigrants and has lived with her husband and two kids in Asia, Europe and the US over the last ten years.  Anisha treats and counsels young people with a variety of issues including social media use, drug use and stress.  As a recognized educator, Anisha provides training on adolescent health and wellness to faculty, teens and parents. Anisha is also the author of the book Raising Global Teens.

What You Will Learn

  • How Anisha turned her experience into an impactful book for teen parents
  • How she managed to get so many PR opportunities globally for her book launch
  • What mindset shifts she needed to adopt in order to gain visibility

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