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TN74: 6 rules to grow your portable business – Amel Derragui

This is a very special episode designed for expat spouses who want to reinvent their career and build a great business on the move!

I prepared for you a free mini course where I list all the things you have to think about to grow a successful portable business.

As an extra bonus, to keep some notes and have these tips handy at any time, download this free cheatsheet below.

Also, in this document you will get free access to the mp3 audio file of this episode!

 In this episode we will cover:

  • What is the most  important thing to define about your business
  • How to define who is your ideal customer
  • How to build a marketing strategy
  • What makes your business portable
  • How to build resilience and the path to success

Here are some examples that you will find in this toolkit:

 Need guidance to build and grow your portable business?

Need to know more about me?

I am a business and marketing coach for global entrepreneurs.

My entrepreneurial journey started when I gave up my career in advertising to be able to travel with her husband for his job assignments abroad. I launched Blink and C, a consulting company in marketing and branding and provided my services to various clients in major industries across 3 continents.

Six years later, discovering a real need for career support among expat spouses, I founded Tandem Nomads, a podcast show and online platform where expat spouses find inspiring stories and practical support to help them build a portable business.