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Tandem Nomads conference in Seoul! 28th April 2017

From Expat Spouse to Global Entrepreneur!

28th April 2017

It was such fun and honor presenting this conference for the expat spouses in Seoul on how to take control of your life, career and build a successful portable business while moving from a country to another!

Conference summary: From Expat Spouse to Global Entrepreneur

There were the two main parts to this conference:

  • Understanding the personal journey, career challenges and the reinvention opportunities for expat spouses.

In order to build a successful portable business, we highlighted the fact that it is important to first build the right environment and a real support system to be able to make it happen. In few words, expat spouses have to involve their partners and family in their path to success and happiness, as much as they are in theirs. It is also crucial for expat spouses' well being and success to invest in their personal growth, but also have their partners support them in building their their own financial and administrative safety net.

  • Explaining the technical and marketing aspects of building a successful portable business. 

In this part we explained step by step the marketing and sales aspects,  the technical, legal and administrative aspects, as well as the necessary mindset to become a successful entrepreneur.

Do not miss any of these insights, listen to the conference's podcast episodes!

For those who could not make it, check out these podcast episodes where I bring to you some of the insights I shared at this conference. Click to access the episodes's page:

Download the free check list to grow a successful portable business!

Click on the image to download the free checklist to grow a successful portable business!

Here are some of the main take aways of this conference:

  1. What are the challenges and opportunities for expat spouses
  2. How to build a plan and be strategic with our long term goals
  3. How to reinvent ourselves and our career
  4. What are the key components to build a successful portable business