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Business & Marketing Coaching - With Amel Derragui

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I chose to work with Amel because I knew she'd be the best person to help me establish a strong foundation for my business, including a solid business strategy, marketing plan, and revenue strategy. Amel not only provided me with a systematic process to achieve my goals, but she also acted as my thinking and accountability partner throughout the journey. She has expert knowledge in her field and at the same time, is a wise, compassionate coach who helped me overcome my mindset blocks and supported me during some challenging times. I'm grateful for her guidance and support!

Katia Vlachos

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I was extremely frustrated with my business. I was trying to implement everything I was learning from Amel's podcast, webinars and others that I follow. I felt like I was throwing a lot at the wall, but nothing was sticking. Everything was hard work for no or limited results. I knew I needed to do something different, but I had no idea what that was.

I reached out to Amel because I knew she has the sales and marketing expertise that I felt was sorely missing from what I was doing. From the first question Amel asked "what have you been doing and what do you want to do?" I realized it was bigger than sales and marketing. I needed to rethink everything.

As a result of our work together I have refocused and rebranded my business. I have more confidence in myself and my abilities as a coach, but even better I am delivering amazing results for my clients. I am a better person and my business is not only stronger but profitable and provides me with a sustainable monthly income.

I highly recommend working with Amel if you feel stuck and are unsure what step to take next. She has a beautiful style that enables deep rethinking, honing of technical skills, and managing the inevitable mindset challenges. Even more, she supports you to deliver results for your clients. I know people always want to know actual data, I am very excited to share that my revenue growth since transforming my business 9 months ago is 185% and it's continuing to grow!

Emily Rogers

Katie Fowle

Before working with Amel, I had so many ideas about how to create my business. I often wrote and revised my ideas and put them out on Facebook. I had many Facebook followers, but I didn't have a service people were willing to buy. I couldn't figure out how to use my experience and passion to solve a problem that people would be willing to purchase.

At the same time, I didn't want to give up because I wanted the flexibility starting my own portable business would provide. So after following Amel for quite some time, I reached out to her and started one-on-one coaching!

Amel helped me clarify who I wanted to serve and how I could do it.

She provided a process and was willing to tailor this process to my personal needs. More importantly, Amel became my encourager and helped me persist through my mental roadblocks.  From my one-on-one coaching,  Amel helped me define my target audience and the services I provide.

This clarity helped me generate over 19,000 USD of revenue in one year and a steady stream of new clients! Amel's coaching helped me create a portable business aligned with my values and talents.

So if you're looking for a sparring partner who can help you clarify your dream, reach for Amel.  She will get you there!

Katie Fowle

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Working with Amel has brought me clarity, and with that the excitement and courage I needed to get started!

For a very long time I wanted to start my own business. I thought I knew what to do and how to do it, but was getting no results. Crickets!

As soon as I started working with Amel, all the puzzle pieces fell into place. My business idea was feasible, but I was going about the wrong way. Amel helped me see what I needed to do. She did it in a way that made me come up with the solutions, instead of telling me exactly what to do.  Once I understood why I had to take certain steps, and how to go about it, it all made sense. Amel gently nudged me out of my comfort zone and into a whole new amazing experience as independent coach and facilitator.

I just finished my second paid assignment, have lots of speaking engagements and can't wait to see where this journey goes. I am excited about what my future will bring, and have Amel to thank for guiding me through the process. I can not thank her enough for her wisdom and experience, as well as her support and friendship!

Annette van der Feltz

Alexandra Kieffer

When we reached out to Amel, we had a new and innovative concept of an international mediation training program that we wanted to launch globally, but we had no idea where to start to bring it to reality and what marketing strategy will allow us to attract our ideal audience. With her guidance, we learned how to get clarity, structure and market our idea. Within only 9 months we created, launched and sold out our program while attracting participants from 16 different countries!

I also personally truly enjoyed working with Amel, I learned a lot from our coaching sessions with her and her online course The Portable Business Accelerator™.

She taught us a new way of thinking that will be so valuable and important in any step we take from now in the business.

Alexandra Kieffer

Pauliina Mapatha

Being an emerging entrepreneur (solopreneur) is challenging, requires continuous learning and stretching out of your comfort zone. That is why I enrolled into the Portable Business Accelerator™ program and hired Amel as my coach. I have learned a lot thanks to the PBA course and Amel helped me through our coaching sessions clarify who is my target audience and ideal customer. She has also provided me additional personalized structure, tips and encouragement to further explore various digital marketing strategies - And yes, I am enrolling clients thanks to these strategies!

Pauliina Mapatha


Amel's passion for her work is contagious. Her systematic marketing and business plan helped me in my first year of business set up to identify my market, to create the framework for my web presence and most importantly: She was and still is my cheerleader behind the scenes, sharing her toolbox in the most generous way and working with me at the pace I needed that time - always with the dose of courage that I also really needed.

The most impactful part of her program was the deep market research and interview phase, that allowed me to pull together my first Coaching Program - and signed my first client during our work together which made the work even more pure excitement. Amel is a Go-To Person for questions and support around creating a portable and profitable business and for anyone who wants to be catapulted out of "seeing your business as a project rather than a real future opportunity".

Gertraud Erreger


Amel is an empowering and motivating coach. I was a student in the BIA and can attest to how powerful this course can be for those that show up and do the work. The BIA goes beyond developing a portable business idea. It can transform the lives of people that perhaps did not have a voice, that doubted themselves, that were unaware of their self-worth and/or needed a “push” to breakthrough and take a step towards what they really wanted. I thank Amel for making me part of this community of support, entrepreneurship, networking and knowledge!

Edgi Delossantos

20190913_135629-1 (2) - Sara Bearzatto

I worked with Amel both in a group coaching program and in a one-to-one sessions. She is competent and generous with her knowledge. She taught me all I needed to know about portable online businesses and effectively guided me through the tortuous journey of starting one. Her feedback was always meaningful and actionable. She is a precise and caring person and her passionate and focused way of working inspired me as a person and as an entrepreneur. I am just at the beginning of my activity as an architect with a portable business, but I will definitely get back to her, later on, to help me improve it.

Sara Bearzatto


I was a year into creating my parent coaching business when I reached out to Amel.  At the time, I was feeling isolated and confused about how to make my business a portable one.  Finding opportunities on the ground was easy for me, but I knew I needed to build an income source that would not dissipate during my next move.  During my coaching sessions, Amel helped me push past my comfort zone to build relationships with other professionals online.  I'm glad she did! Aside from making new friends, several doors of opportunity have open. The biggest realization I had was that I needed to focus most of my strategy online

in order to build a successful portable business. I know this sounds so obvious. But before coaching, I didn't realize how valuable creating lead magnets and reacting to or sharing other colleagues' work are to growing the foundation of a successful portable business. Now, my mailing list is growing, the number of people showing up to my online events is growing, and I'm a feeling a lot more connected. Thanks, Amel.

Sharoya Ham

Marcelle Yeager

My colleague and I hired Amel to help us market a joint program. We started working with her before the COVID-19 crisis and based on her advice, ended up adjusting our language and our approach to marketing it which has proved invaluable. She pushed us to explore this and as a result, I'll be able to apply it across my business and not only to this particular project. When the crisis hit, Amel encouraged us to show up for our community and implement basic strategies quickly to address the issues our ideal clients are currently facing. Although it's only been a few weeks, I've already seen major results: we got our first sale, my mailing list has grown due to the virtual

workshops we've prepared at her suggestion and my newsletter open rates have increased significantly! Amel really dives into your business and provides customized advice and strategies to help you grow, and it truly works.

Marcelle Yeager

foto loes

When I hired Amel, I knew that I wanted to transform my visual thinking skills into a business but I did not know how and where to start. Thanks to her step-by-step program and guidance I got the clarity and confidence that even allowed me to attract my first clients! Having the accountability through our coaching sessions was key to keep me in motion and not give up when life got too hectic. After each session with her, I was filled with so much energy to keep working on my business. I truly recommend Amel’s coaching services because she is honest, very smart, knows her expertise and above all a truly lovely and warm person to work with.

Marloes Huijsmans


Amel has been instrumental in finding clarity in where I wanted to take my business. When she and I started the journey, I had two possible directions in mind and a level of confusion. I had just moved to a new country, which added to the uncertainty. Amel helped me to clarify what direction to take, and also became a supporting partner to navigate the confusion - as well as the days when you want to throw all your ideas out of the window.

I highly recommend Amel to anyone looking to create or grow a portable business. She gets it, because she has done it! Thank you Amel!

Stephania Picheca


I‘m not the kind of person that typically rely on coaches of any sort. However, Amel managed to change my mind on the topic. I couldn‘t be happier with the outcome of my collaboration with Amel. Not only did she help clarifying my business idea but she also pushed me to design solid foundations based on a scientific and detailed step by step methodology.

Julian Bregnard

Gertraud Eregger


I am a personal trainer with a specialization in fitness for seniors. I moved to NYC in 2017 and hired Amel to help me come up with a strategy to expand my business. Amel was very clear and thorough, punctual and professional. She systematically guided me through the steps of researching the market and targeting my customers, communicating effectively and marketing my services. I have now a much clearer idea of the needs, concerns and expectations of the senior population in terms of fitness and wellness.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Amel and highly recommend her services.

Evelyne Fallows



I worked with Amel in one of her group coaching programs. When we started, my web was already running and social media accounts were opened, I knew what I wanted to reach but was quite overwhelmed with endless daily tasks and discouraged by the huge amount of time I was spending and the lack of "stunning" results.

After the work done with Amel together with the assistance of my fellows in the group, I learned to organize and plan in a more realistic and enjoyable way.
I'm very happy I joined her group coaching program and would do it again! I found support, accountability, new ideas and clients! Now, I feel confident and understand that each everyday baby step is actually part of the achievement of the year.

Julia Dieguez

Katarina Holm-DiDio

Jo Parfitt-writingsmall
As someone who has a Networker of the Year trophy on my desk I thought I knew a lot about growing a business on and offline but now technology moves on so fast that I had to admit that I was falling behind. With a new online life story writing programme in the works and a determination that this product had to be massively successful I decided to call in the Big Guys – in other words, Amel. I admit that I am great at creating content and products but less good at marketing them and less good still and doing so in the 21st Century social media-driven market place. First I hired Amel to tell me how to get where I want to go and create me a strategy and then I simply emailed her a slew of questions. It was like having a guru in my corner.
Jo Parfitt
Lisa Ferland testimonial

Amel was extremely helpful in pinpointing my goals for my website design and understanding the flow of my audience from page to page. She gave me step-by-step strategies for growing my newsletter list (and also my business). Amel understood exactly what my audience needed from me and the best language to get them to take action. I get compliments on my website all of the time thanks to Amel. I highly recommend working with her if you need help refining your marketing strategy or business presence.

Lisa Ferland

Author and crowdfunding consultant


In 2017 I published my first novel, Days of Bossa Nova. After promoting the book for a year, I didn't know what to do to grow my audience of readers and to keep promoting my career as an author and writing instructor. Amel was the perfect person to help me because I love the idea of having a portable business and readers all over the world. She created a marketing plan that suits me well and taught me to be consistent with it, using my social media in more efficient ways, for example.  I learned a lot working with her! Now I have a better website, a new blog and a growing mailing list.

Ines Rodrigues

Author and writing instructor


Working with Amel has been the most important investment I made in my business. I knew coaching, but no idea how to start an online business and trying to figure out on my own was overwhelming and paralizing. Amel took me step by step through the confusing maze of online business information, respecting my timing and learning curve, but also challenging and encouraging me to continue on the path. I launched my business, built a system to run it and I’m starting to see the results of the work through clients reaching out to me. There is still a lot to learn and do, but I feel more on top of my business now. It is an amazing feeling to know that if my family and I move again, I can continue to coach from wherever I am, just need to pack my laptop and continue to do what I’m learning to do. Amel was flexible to create a program that worked for my needs, very personal, not a one size fits all. She is very intuitive, generous with her knowledge and will keep you accountable to your progress.

Renata Andrade

Marcelle Yeager

Amel is a marketing queen. She provides easy to use advice that actually works! For example, she taught me several great tips for selling my company's services while speaking to a group without being too salesy and aggressive. I restructured my presentation and it worked: I landed a new client shortly after my last presentation. She is my go-to marketing expert. Amel provides actionable advice that will get you unstuck - even when you don't realize you are - and bring you to the next level of your business.

Marcelle Yeager

Renata Carvalho

Working with Amel to start my interior design business has been essential to understand how I should structure my business proposal, my services,  my marketing strategy and create a business model that can be portable. If this was not enough, her enthusiasm, energy and trust in my capacity have been the fuel I need to overcome my fears and insecurities.

Renata G. Carvalho

Sharoya Smith Ham

Embrace Behavior Change

Jane Barron Photo LS

Working with Amel, we started at the very foundation of my business and layer-upon-layer built upon this to bring clarity around the problem I was solving, the unique value I provide and the process to both deliver my service and generate revenue. By starting with the most basic questions, I was able to clarify exactly what my products and services needed to be in order to bring positive transformation to my clients. Amel helped me to plan out step-by-step what my business provided, how to market this, find clients and generate revenue. Instead of being overwhelmed and unsure of my offering, I am now confident in the knowledge that I am prepared and have a worthy solution to my clients’ problems. My clients have obviously seen this too as I have increased my revenue and been referred to new clients. Now new clients are also coming to my door.

Jane Barron

carolina porto

Working with Amel not only brought clarity to my ideas but, and mainly, brought clarity to my existing clients - and more clients all together. She was the right person to have beside me during the process to put my business out there, pushing me out of my comfort zone, challenging me and pitching up ideas that I would not have explored if I was not working with her. She is a results oriented professional and I have enjoyed every moment of working with her and recommend this partnership to anyone looking for real inspiration and some magical moments.

Carolina Porto


Amel Derragui

Amel-15 SD

Amel Derragui is a marketing coach, speaker, and podcast host at Tandem Nomads.

She helps experts, consultants and coaches turn their expertise into an effective business model that is location independent and a marketing strategy that allows them to grow their visibility and level of impact.

She speaks on international stages and works with global organizations such as IMF and the World Food Program on topics related to entrepreneurship and women empowerment.

Ranked among the top 2% podcasts globally, the Tandem Nomads podcast show has also been charted at #1 in the expat category every year since 2019. You can find Amel’s work and mission to empower women through entrepreneurship featured on various media such as Forbes Magazine (DACH), Global Living Magazine USA and Weekly Woman South Korea.

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