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The first expat partner interview!

expat partner sharing her experience in the United Arab Emirates.

I can't be more grateful to Nicholla Henderson Hall who accepted to be my first guest on Tandem Nomads back in June 2015, before I had even figured out the whole concept and before the website was even ready. Tandem Nomads was just an idea when she accepted to take some of her precious time to share with us her experience as an expat partner.

I have to be honest, I was quite stressed when I interviewed Nicholla as I was not used to interviewing people and not yet familiar with the podcasting equipment. Also, as I had to travel to Vienna (Austria), I recorded our Skype interview from a hotel room that had such a bad echo, not to mention that my microphone didn't work well...  Despite all of that, I could afterwards learn for the first time how to use editing softwares for podcasting and improve the sound quality. The result turned out to be great, mainly thanks to Nicholla's tremendous input during our interview.

Nicholla has a joyful and happy personality that is luckily very contagious! She comes from the UK and lived all her life in expatriation. Today she lives in the United Arab Emirates where she hosts this fantastic podcast show called "The Learning Curve", a great podcast where Nicholla presents the incredible stories of women leaders in the MENA region.

I am very much looking forward to sharing with you her great insights and experience. Nicholla will be on episode #1 which is planned for end of October, latest beginning of November, with 11 other episodes that I am preparing for you.

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Talk to you very soon!