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Tandem Nomads is a podcast show and platform designed to turn expat and military partners' dual career challenges into great opportunities!


6 Steps to Build a Successful Portable Business!

This guidebook will take you through the 6 questions you need to answer to transform your talent and project into a profitable business that will provide you the flexibility you need while moving abroad with your family.


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On Tandem Nomads podcast show (online radio) you will be able to discover inspiring stories from expat and military spouses around the world and find practical advice to reinvent your career and become a successful global entrepreneur. 

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Podcast Reviews

Loving this!

12/18/2017 11:49 PM by #impact Podcast from Austria

What a great show! Makes living abroad and running your own business way less daunting. Love Amel‘s approach and how she connects with the listeners. Feel like I know her already! Will be back for more.

Expert Freedom

11/26/2017 3:16 PM by Jude Sandouk from United Kingdom

Lots of information and fantastic content provided by your podcast! Really enjoyed the episode about how to build a powerful community..keep up the awesome work!

Inspiring podcast

11/24/2017 4:01 AM by Simms327 from United Kingdom

Inspiring podcast with lots of resources and information about starting a portable career

Congrats !

11/17/2017 5:58 AM by GNW Daniela from United States

What a great inspirational podcast. I feel very lucky to be part of your FIGT supporting family. There are many chapters to come, I wish you the very best in your professional journey and in your personal one and everything in between !

Valuable info

10/02/2017 1:52 AM by juliadieg from Spain

Very helpful! Content and host.

Great podcast !!

10/01/2017 10:43 PM by claritaSaigon26 from France

Amal is a really great host and her interviews are always useful and give great tips to be blossomed in the expat life. Her expertise is also very good to help those who want to develop their own portable business !

Inspiration and support

09/30/2017 11:31 AM by CynthiaEAJ from Sweden

As an expat partner building a portable career is many times a fantastic opportunity to grow a career doing what you love, wherever you go. This podcast will give you inspiration on what to do, support and practical tips on how to do it, and by hearing the stories of people that have faced the same issues you might be facing, you will feel motivated to push on through with your dream. Amel is a great host who knows exactly what her audience needs and asks all those questions you have been dying to find the answers to. I have my own portable business and this podcast always gives me something new and useful to my way of going about it.

Great tips for every entrepreneur who desires to build a portable business

09/30/2017 10:33 AM by Ebere Akadiri from Netherlands

Amel is a skilled interviewer who wants the best for her listeners. Her interview style allows her to connect at a deep level with her guests, get them to be very open and share great tips for her audience.

Try it and you will come back!

09/29/2017 4:39 AM by Mata91 from United States

Very interesting and motivating podcast with expats around the World interviewed about their « nomad job » experience so it brings lots of information, interesting facts, links to useful ressources, etc. 👍

For Expat Spouses Who Want a Portable Career

09/29/2017 4:01 AM by StephanieWard from Netherlands

Amel is a masterful interviewer who knows how to get to the heart of a matter. She has expert knowledge about how to build a portable career and is a seasoned expat. She is thoughtful and deliberate in everything she does. Listen to this podcast and be inspired!

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