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TN75: How to legally set up your portable business

TN75 Legal aspects of starting a portable business abroad
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In each episode you will find great ideas to build your own source of accomplishment, reinvent your career path through entrepreneurship, build a meaningful project or a successful portable business while making the best of your global nomadic life, for you and your family.

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iTunes Reviews

A wonderful resource for expat partners!

07/02/2016 8:41 AM by petitmoi77 from United States

I wish I had found this podcast sooner! It's a great resource for anyone moving abroad with their partner. Amel has a wonderful perspective! I appreciate the combination of interviews as well as theme-based episodes.

Super inspirational!

01/22/2016 7:32 AM by Youngman Brown (Michael Young) from United States

I know that my situation is very very different from the extreme that Amel's guests undertake, but this podcast is extremely inspiring for me and my wife. Work forced me to move just a few hours from our home in Philadelphia, but that uprooting affected our lives in a big way, even though we live in the same country... on the same coast of that country. So Amel and her guests give us a great deal of inspiration.

Well rounded guests, with loads of experience!

12/22/2015 3:29 AM by Naomi Hattaway from United States

This podcast is doing more than just empowering expat partners … it is opening the doors to communication about what it takes to live abroad, what it takes to do so in a way that your family can thrive and flourish and is filled with engaging guests who have done something with their experience as well. Great podcast!

“Trailing Spouse” No More!

12/16/2015 11:09 PM by Parenting Abroad from United States

Thank you Amel for bringing this podcast to us! From now on, I am a Tandem Nomad. 😀 I have been living abroad for my husbands career for over 12 years. There is always more to learn, and I love hearing the stories of other people’s experience. Keep us the great work!


12/13/2015 4:03 PM by Julienm888 from United States

Great message for those who travel/relocate? R u French?

What a great resource for expats!

12/13/2015 7:25 AM by Jodi | Women Taking the Lead from United States

Amel is giving a unique perspective of someone who had successfully relocated and integrated into a new culture. It can't be easy so she's here to help you turn challenges into opportunities.

Great show!

12/11/2015 6:11 PM by kpchf from United States

Love this subject - while not an expat, I am fascinated by the expat life.

Great podcast

12/11/2015 6:01 PM by Rocking Entrepreneur from United States

Great stories, inspiring interviews and very useful stuff. As a alien resident myself in the US, I can easily relate to the situations and use the advice. Keep rocking!


12/11/2015 12:22 PM by Shaolin Soprano from United States

Love the show, and hearing about their journey’s, this excites me. Thanks Amel for being an awesome host.

Well done Amel!

12/11/2015 11:42 AM by Joel Boggess from United States

We all need inspiring stories, fresh ideas, relevant information, and steps to action. Way to make this show happen! Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch

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