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Looking to build a successful portable business and thrive in your global nomadic life?

If you are an expat partner or a global nomad struggling to build your own source of success and fulfillment, Tandem Nomads is the place for you!

We believe in entrepreneurship as a great mindset and solution to turn challenges into great opportunities!

Take advantage of this platform where you will find inspiration, tips and support to grow a successful and meaningful business, while making the best of your life as a global nomad.

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The person behind Tandem Nomads

My name is Amel Derragui, I am a business and marketing coach, a speaker and the founder of Tandem Nomads.

I help entrepreneurs across the world take their business to the next level, focus and simplify their processes with a strong vision and marketing strategies that fit to their resources and goals.

After a career in advertising and branding in major agencies, such as the Publics Group, I quit my job to join my husband abroad, founded my first consulting company Blink and C and kicked off my entrepreneurial journey while moving from a country to another.

My story and insights were featured on the cover story of Forbes Magazine the Global Living Magazine, The Immigrant Entrepreneur and other various blogs and podcast shows. I speak at conferences and workshops about topics related to marketing, entrepreneurship and women empowerment (examples: the World Bank, IMF and IBD family networks in DC, the Social Media Week in New York city, the FIGT annual conference in The Hague, Tandem Nomads conferences in New York).

Originally I come from Algeria, I became Austrian by marriage, I was born in India and lived as a child and as an adult in 8 countries and 13 cities.

I am very passionate about topics related to innovative businesses and social entrepreneurship. In fact, I strongly believe that it is possible to make profits while solving problems and making our world a better place.

Amel and Michael

Some personal stuff 😉

I have a real issue deciding on my hairstyle... from curly to straight, it really depends on my mood... So don't worry if you can't recognize me from one picture to another!

Amel Derragui

Dancing makes me feel free and happy!

I am deaf from one ear since childhood, which helped me develop a capacity to read on lips. But sometimes I completely misunderstand what people say and it creates very funny situations!

I really have no idea what is my mother tongue. From age 0 to 5, I switched between 3 languages (English, Arabic and French) in 5 different school systems and 3 different countries (India, Serbia and Algeria).

My friends and family are located in all corners of the world. Yet, I feel so lucky to be blessed with their presence, love and care no matter the distances that separate us.


The idea that started Tandem Nomads

Tandem Nomads started when I wanted to share an important part of my identity and reach out to expat spouses who struggle to build a successful portable career and source of fulfillment.

What started as a fun and engaging project on the side of my consulting business, very quickly became a much bigger cause that I felt needed all my attention.

You will probably agree with me when I say that being an expat, is an amazing chance to travel the world and live a life that you might have never had if you stayed in your home country. However, being an expat is a totally different experience from visiting a country as a tourist, it comes with many challenges that I am sure you are familiar with, especially as an expat partner.

We cover all these challenges in detail and how to overcome them throughout the podcast episodes  and blogs of Tandem Nomads. To summarize them very briefly: while expats that are assigned for a job abroad have a defined goal, a clear idea on their future plans, a position, a title, financial security, a retirement plan, a structure and a team waiting from them when they arrive in a new country, their partners often have to build everything from scratch and most of the time all by themselves, especially if they want to peruse their careers and financial independence. Moving from one country to another every 2 to 5 years, having to reinvent themselves every time often leads to a real identity crisis, but also to serious marital stress (click here if you want to read more about some research that has been done on the topic). 


Through Tandem Nomads, I decided to bring expat partners the support and structure that will help them never feel alone again where ever they are. Tandem Nomads is dedicated to to help them build your own success and source of fulfillment!

To do that, I believe that embracing entrepreneurship is one of the greatest solution and mindset to adopt.

However, it takes a lot of time and skills to build a business and succeed at it. Through Tandem Nomads' platform of free resources and mentoring services, you will be able to save time and lot of frustrations in figuring out all the marketing and business strategies that fit to your goals and resources.

No matter if you are just starting or already have a business but struggle in taking it to the next level, Tandem Nomads will provide you with the inspiration, free resources and guidance you need to turn your challenges into great opportunities!