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TN277: Finding your own rhythm while generating real revenue

Although this is the final episode of a series called ‘The Slow Challenge,’ what we will cover today is at the core of what a portable business allows you to do and why I am passionate about helping you grow a successful portable business. In fact, for too long, entrepreneurs have been taught that they…


TN249: What is this all for? Dare to dream

Are you allowing yourself to dream big? Can you still dream like you did when you were a child and allow yourself to imagine the infinite possibilities ahead of you without worrying how you would get there? Day to day life as an adult including dealing with the essential aspects of growing a business can…


TN247: Getting unstuck = making decisions

What is the reverse side of “stuck”? Hint, it is not “getting unstuck”, it is making decisions! Avoiding making decisions can lead to your business failing! It is so important to overcome the mindset barriers that can stop you from making decisions and moving forward in your business, and even in your life! Don’t be…