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TN275: Find 18 content ideas in 12 minutes!

Most solo entrepreneurs complain that creating content is time consuming and overwhelming. You get motivated to start one day, try to keep up with it, then stop, then pick up again, but eventually you end up giving up once and for all. This means you lose the opportunity to engage with your audience and nurture…


TN273: Finding the marketing strategies that work for you

Being able to reach and build relationships with your potential clients is fundamental to your business success. However, when it comes to developing effective marketing strategies to make that happen, so many entrepreneurs end up stressed out and overwhelmed! Having a clear marketing strategy is simply about knowing where your ideal clients are spending time…


TN271: Simple ways to make easy sales

For many people selling can feel slimy, daunting or overwhelming. But it does not have to be this way… Selling is about helping people understand how they can solve their challenges or desires and find the right solutions for them All you have to do is to focus on letting them know about your solution,…