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TN293: What do women need today to live up to their full potential?

Women’s empowerment has been at the core of Tandem Nomads’ mission since it started. Entrepreneurship is indeed one of the most effective tools for women to live up to their full potential and create their own source of financial independence while aligning their business with their priorities in life. The countless women who came before…


TN260: Managing maternity leave as a solo-entrepreneur – With Melissa Parks

You’re a female entrepreneur and you’ve just found out you’re pregnant. You’re also probably thinking, I’m now going to have to stop or pause my business. Very few ‘mom-preneurs’ think it’s possible to take maternity leave, let alone make it happen, but is that really true? Melissa Parks has really defied that misconception. In this…


TN253: Breaking the glass ceiling without being broken

Most women are full or part-time caregivers. Their free labor allows organizations and businesses to be more effective, create value and increase profit. Financial vulnerability and dependence should not be their reward. If you want to grow your business or take it to the next level but struggle to do so because you are a…