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TN290: Build and define your brand – with Brigitte Bojkowszky

Build and define your brand - with Brigitte Bojkowszky

It’s a common mistake among new and not so new entrepreneurs! – starting your brand with a fancy logo. As an entrepreneur you need to know that it’s so much more than a fancy logo, website and business cards. And if you already have a business and a brand, never stop working on it! It…


TN289: Do you even know what you really want?

Before you even try to plan your goals and design an action plan that you’re able to commit to and achieve, you need to answer this question with great clarity: what do you truly want? There are more people than you think who can’t answer this question with certainty. Maybe that is you too? If…


TN287: 7 years in business! Part1: The highlights, learnings and transformations

People joke about the ‘7-year itch’ in romantic relationships and the alleged phase of restless angst, but what about a business relationship? As an entrepreneur we have a business relationship foremost with ourselves. We are the center of our business and therefore at the center of its highlights, challenges and transformations. We can’t separate the…