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TN265: Spring cleaning your business for more ease and joy

Is the ‘clutter’ in your business draining your energy and stealing your time? And I don’t mean the piles of paperwork on your desk! If you want to be able to slow down and beat overwhelm, you need to address your mental ‘clutter’ and the tasks in your business that just aren’t serving you. Getting…


TN263: Embracing the seasons of your business and well-being

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a business that brings you revenue, joy and fulfillment and not spend all your time working on it? Your business should be working for you, not the other way round! One of the great advantages of a portable business is that you can have a successful business…


TN260: Managing maternity leave as a solo-entrepreneur – With Melissa Parks

You’re a female entrepreneur and you’ve just found out you’re pregnant. You’re also probably thinking, I’m now going to have to stop or pause my business. Very few ‘mom-preneurs’ think it’s possible to take maternity leave, let alone make it happen, but is that really true? Melissa Parks has really defied that misconception. In this…