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Business and marketing tips

4 things you can do when you can’t launch your business now

As you know I’m all about making sure that you design a business that works around your lifestyle and not the other way around. It’s so important to make sure that your business works for you instead of having to adapt your life to your business. I don’t believe that you can thrive long term…


How to define your content strategy – and get 18 ideas in 12 minutes

Creating and sharing content consistently is how you get your potential clients to know you, trust you, consider you as their go-to expert and buy from you. So many entrepreneurs know this, yet they struggle to implement their content strategy consistently. They end up feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. In this week’s blog, I am going…


Find marketing strategies that work for you

So many entrepreneurs and small business owners are spending precious time, energy and money on marketing activities that just are not giving them the results they need. Here is the big reason: they have forgotten or don’t know the big truth about what marketing is really about. In this week’s blog I explain what that…


How to make selling easier

How do you really feel about sales? If you think selling is slimy or icky, or if you think it involves a lot of complexity, work, and expenditure, this is just for you. It’s time to make selling simpler. I am on a mission to change and simplify the way you feel about selling and…