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Growth Mindset

How to make selling easier

How do you really feel about sales? If you think selling is slimy or icky, or if you think it involves a lot of complexity, work, and expenditure, this is just for you. It’s time to make selling simpler. I am on a mission to change and simplify the way you feel about selling and…


How to say ‘yes’ to more ease and joy

Do you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to things because you’re worried you will miss out on an opportunity or because you want to keep people around you happy? Does it maybe feel easier to say ‘yes’ than to say ‘no’? The problem with saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone is that it can leave you…


How to declutter your business and find more ease and joy

Our businesses are like our homes, every now and again they need a really good ‘spring clean’. However, the clutter in our businesses isn’t about our messy desks or our filing system. It is much deeper than that and it can be one of the biggest barriers to being able to really enjoy your business…


Mastering tech – how to get from overwhelm to tech savvy

We all know that online tools and tech are part of doing business these days. Used effectively, they can save us time, money and energy and help us grow our business. However, sometimes the learning curve required to use them properly can leave us feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. In this blog, I’m sharing my tips…