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How to listen to a podcast on your phone even if you are not connected!

On the live video in Tandem Nomads’ private Facebook group, I was encouraging you to take advantage of the amazing power of podcasts to easily find time to invest in your personal and professional development when being busy working on your projects, taking care of the family and moving from a country to another.

(PS: If you are not already in the group, we will be very happy to welcome you in the community and continue these inspiring conversations with you, you just need to click here to request to join!).

So in this group conversation, I promised to get back to you with this short video tutorial to learn how to listen to inspirational, entertaining and educational podcast shows while being on the move!

For example, when exercising, cooking, shopping, driving, traveling with public transportation, by train or even by plane, as you can access your episodes even if you don’t have access to your phone network or Internet.

Watch the video and take advantage of this mobile tool that will allow you to find the time to get inspired and empowered to turn your challenges into great opportunities!

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