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TN106: Preserve your health and the energy you need in your business with easy Ayurvedic recipes – Rashmi Zimburg

health energy business Ayurvedic recipes

Nutrition and health are often the first things that suffer when running a busy life and growing a business. Rashmi Zimburg, health coach & expert in Ayurveda food, shares with you inspiration and recipes to create simple and healthy food habits.


TN105: Run a survey with these simple questions to discover why your clients will buy from you

If you want to make your offer irresistible, you need to run a survey and listen to your market’s needs. Here are the simple questions to ask in a survey and know what would make potential clients buy your product or service.


TN104: The mindset shifts you need to be paid your worth and do what you love – Fabio Palvelli

fabio palvelli tandem nomads podcast tn104

Fabio Palvelli, an expat spouse who shares with you how he went from teaching a workshop of 15 people to launching a conference that attracts over 400 people every year. He also tells us about how he became a Youtube star in the field of 3D architectural design and grew his portable business while living on the move with his wife.