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Your business is growing but you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Are you that person whose business has grown? You’re really excited. Everything is going well, your revenue is increasing and clients are coming in, but… And this is a big but, but you are not fully enjoying the growth, because you’re super stressed, feeling overwhelmed and you’re not sure why? Feeling like this is more…

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The formula to describe what you do when networking

Do you feel hesitant when you have to explain what you do? Or that people don’t quite understand it in the way that you want them to? If you’re like me, you might be starting to get back to in-person networking. The world has opened up again and there are increasing opportunities to meet people…

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How you buy impacts how you sell

Typically when I talk about what you need to do to attract your ideal customer, I focus on getting to know them, understanding what they need and helping them make the purchase decision that is right for them. And all of these things are crucial to building a successful business. However, there is another element…

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